Dream Log

Please use this area and add as a comment any dream(s) you have had. It is probably best if you add your dream early in the morning after you wake up so it is still fresh, but any dream(s) are accepted. Hopefully, I can look at these dreams and use them as a reference when I cover dream meanings.




  1. Good thing my mind is still fresh for this. I actually had a couple of dreams but I’ll tell one. I have three birds(in real life)and I dreamed that I woke up at exactly 12:00 to go outside with my whole family just to see we left our birds outside with the cage door open. One of the birds escaped(our oldest and most loved cockateil)and started flying around in the dark it landed and we got it but then it flew away again! It landed in the next door neighbor’s house and when we asked them to get him for us they jst got him and threw him(they are actually very nice neighbors)When we got him back his head and wing were missing(but with no blood, like a stuffed animal)I didn’t feel sad but in real life I would’ve. Then when that was over I found out my hamster got away OUTSIDE too!But I found him alive 🙂 well thats the end of it. But the begining of the dream was lucid but idk the lucidity got away or something later during all the caos :/

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