Posted by: beagle4 | February 28, 2011

I can’t hold it in any longer..

A couple weeks ago I was sick and had a high fever. After searching online, I found that the internet recommends to drink plenty of fluids and to sleep. So I did just that. Well, as most people are aware, if you drink a lot of water you will have to go to the bathroom quite frequently. As I was sleeping, I kept having dreams about having to go to the bathroom and trying to find a toilet. This awoke me, and of course I immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom. This made me wonder, does dreaming about toilets/bathrooms usually mean that you have to go to the bathroom in the real world?

Oddly enough, the DreamTree Blog that I have been referencing had a blog post about the very subject. The post was written by Dr. Gillian Holloway, who has been involved in dream analysis for more than 20 years. Her website provides a variety of articles about dreams including information on nightmares, recurring, and sexual dreams.

The article explains that I was correct in thinking that if you have a physical need to go to the bathroom while you sleep, that it is possible that you will incorporate that urge into your dream. However, Dr. Holloway suggests that usually dreaming about toilets/restrooms has a completely different psychological meaning.

According to Dr. Holloway, the theme of elimination and evacuation suggests a need to release psychological matter from the past. If you are surrounding by waste material in your dreams, this may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed with trouble or emotions.

People also have dreams about searching for a toilet and when finally finding one, it is filled, clogged, or unusable. This dream is common for people who put their own needs after everyone elses (these people are know as “givers”, and sounds similar to my mom). Most of the time these dreams can be viewed as metaphors for release and understanding of what is no longer needed. The post also provides clues about toilet themes in dreams that I have copied into this post:

“Toilet Themes Information

  1. Toilet Overflowing: Your cup runneth over with emotions or tiresome experiences.
  2. Defecation in Public: You may have expressed yourself inappropriately, “dumping” on someone; or feel that you have exposed private business in public.
  3. Clearing a Blocked Toilet: You may have recently solved an old problem, or let go of hard feelings.
  4. The Toilet is Exposed: You may be in a situation that compromises your usual sense of privacy.”

I am pretty confident that the reason I had my dream about going to the bathroom was fully due to the fact that I physically needed to go to the bathroom. The blog post about toilets reveals that dreams usually are hidden metaphors (for example, toilet theme number 2 “dumping” on someone). By looking at the objects/actions in our dreams, we can analyze and interpret our dreams and come to a better understanding of who we are or the subconscious issues that we are having in the real world.

Now just close your eyes and dream…


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