Posted by: beagle4 | February 8, 2011

Reality is for those who cannot endure their dreams.

I found a couple online resources that I thought I’d post here if you are interested. The first site is a radio series called DreamTime which has 28 different radio shows on a variety of topics related to dreams. The show is hosted by Bob Hess, the past president and executive officer of International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). If it asks, the user name is dream and the password is radio. (For some reason it defaults the volume to low, so you’ll have to adjust that).

First 12 Episodes, Last 12 Episodes

I also found this blog called The Dream Tree that posts not only information on current events, but also posts articles related to dreams. I have included this blog under my links as well, and hopefully will comment on the blog. One of the blog posts is an article discussing the neuroscience of lucid dreams (a topic I discussed in a previous post).

Another website I found is the International Association for the Study of Dreams. The 28th International Conference of the IASD will be in the Abbey of Rolduc in the Netherlands on June 2011. “At the conference will be over 160 presenters from twenty-nine countries including three powerful keynotes embracing the broadest range of dreamwork disciplines including: dream research; clinical application; the arts & humanities; culture & anthropology; dreams in education; religion, spirit and philosophy; dreamwork practice; as well as extraordinary, PSI and lucid dreams.” I personally would love to go!

The last link I wanted to provide was for a magazine called Electric Dreams. You can view online any issue and learn some new information about dreams in magazine form.

Throughout the semester I hopefully will be able to listen to some of the radio episodes, read the blog, and look at some of the magazine issues. From time to time I may use them as sources for knowledge. I just wanted to post the links on one post in case you wanted to view/listen for yourself. Also, I have been adding various links related to dreams in the links section. Feel free to check those out as well.

Now just close your eyes and dream…



  1. I’m really pleased to see you’re getting involved in the resources out there related to your topic. Future posts, it sounds like, will take up particular kinds of content. Informational posts like these are fine, but of course don’t encourage a ton of engagement. But it does show you’re getting into your discourse community. Nice.

  2. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

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