Posted by: beagle4 | February 6, 2011

Advertising in dreams….a reality?

Leave it to Google to finally make advertising in dreams (as shown in the Futurama clip) a reality. According to Digital Journal, Google has created a technology (called the DreamAd) that allows advertising to appear during your REM sleep as a footer overlay to your dream. By using a cheap magnetic resonance scanning and mind-reading techniques developed at Stanford University advertising in our dreams is possible with the use of a light-weight helmet. There will be beta testing beginning in San Francisco, Ca on an undisclosed date.

Sadly this article appears to be a prank created by Google (it was posted on April 1st, 2008). Like the DreamHelmet, it is a good idea in theory; hopefully with more research it will be possible one day.

Now just close your eyes and dream (advertisement free!)…



  1. Sad day that it was a joke, but a great April Fools joke! Do you really think this will be possible at some point? Do you think it will tamper with Reality?

    On a side note, have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine? It relates to your blog!

  2. Ditto on Eternal Sunshine.

    And you couldn’t get me to wear a Dream Helmet to sleep.

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